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Painting, Giclee
Sales Information
Preliminary Sales Information
Please contact Jessie Benton Evans and Don Gray for all sales information.
Sales of Original Paintings
Most original paintings and pastels on the web site are for sale (subject to prior sale or commitment). Since prices of paintings are too numerous to list, please contact the artists, Jessie Benton Evans and Don Gray by e-mail or telephone.
Giclee Information Page & Price List
"Giclees" are high quality print reproductions of paintings and pastels. They enable art lovers to obtain and enjoy quality art works for prices greatly below the cost of the originals, while enjoying the color, design and subject of the originals.
Our giclee prints of paintings and pastels are unframed and generally available in approximately 18" x 24", 24" x 30" and 24" x 36" image sizes, subject to the proportions of the original art works, and are printed on quality papers with approximately two-inch borders.
Original works 19" x 25", 21" x 29" and 22" x 30" in size are printed in their original dimensions. All works can, however, be printed in other sizes, based on the information below. Please let us know of your interests.
Unframed Giclee Prices
(payable at time of order by check or money order)
All sizes are image dimensions
18 x 24 $300.
19 x 25 $300.
21 x 29 $350.
22 x 30 $350.
24 x 30 $400.
24 x 36 $450.
Shipping costs of unframed giclees additional.
Allow 4 weeks for delivery.
Prices of special orders vary, based on the sizes of giclees requested. Approximate dimensions of giclee size variations can be obtained by emailing us.
There may be limitations on availability of giclees of some paintings. We will respond promptly to your inquiries on the availability of giclees of paintings you are interested in.
Editions of each giclee print will be limited to 750. All prints are signed and numbered.
To inquire about a specific work, you can browse to that enlargement and click on it, or, if you know the name of the work, you can click here and select that name from a list.

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