Advisory from God...A Poem



"I have spoken to you many times, in many ways,

during your time on earth. Sometimes you heard me, or acted

as if you did. But, mainly, you paid no attention,

ignored what I had to say. Throughout your history,

you have behaved as if I did not exist; or worse,

as if you did not care.


"Are you able to hear what you daily think and say?

Can you conceive of what you do, consider

the consequences of your misdirected actions?

You are my creation. I did not intend

you to be this way...too often trivial, barbaric.

Not all things in life must be serious, profound, perhaps.

But, I will not countenance evil.


"And, understand...I was thoroughly serious

when I created beauty in the universe.

I was serious when I created immensity.

I was serious when I created the stars, planets, systems.

I was serious when I created fearsome light and darkness.

I was serious when I created earth. And, my children,

I was serious when I created you.


"And since I was serious, I expect you to be

serious...honorable, ethical, clean. I do not

expect you to be childish, greedy, murderous, corrupt.

I do not expect you to destroy your fellow man,

use the myriad complications of a ruthless, willful

brain to work your vile, ingenious ways on planet earth.


"I do expect decency and honesty. But, since

you are, and have been, neither decent nor honest, I must

decide how I will deal with you. As your creator,

all options are open to me. I can do whatever

I will, from yet another unheeded warning,

to the utter destruction of the human race.

I can do this. I can do anything; whatever

I wish, believe is just and due, if I so decide.


"I should tell you...I am not like you. You think I am,

but I'm not. I am not a creature of untamed

passion, ill-timed thought. I do not become angry when

I look upon the evil that you do. I am not

sad when the death I bring comes to visit you.

I am not happy when I see my creation

doing well. I just am. And, as I am, I wish my world

to function with integrity, simply as a matter

of course, because I intended it to be that way

from the beginning.


"Nothing else is acceptable to me. Not angry,

not happy, not sad. I want my world, and you its people,

to function properly on the basis of ethics

and ideals that are the substance of my being.

However trying conditions are that I have

established for your lives, you will not weaken my

intrinsic, universal ethic out of concern

for exigencies and expediencies of living.

Life, death, poverty, will not abandon

the right that is the basis of my creation.

This not negotiable.


"This is my world. I allow you to reside here.

I made it the way I wanted to make it, as I

saw fit to make it. I made it the only way it

could be made. You will abide by the principles

upon which I brought the world and your lives into being.

You will be honest. You will be honorable.

You will be reasonable. You will be decent

to those with whom you come in contact (or never know

exist), in your family, on the streets, in the stores,

in your businesses, fields, factories, schools, governments.


"You will do no harm to your fellow man. You will not

be petty or think petty thoughts. You will not be pleased

by misfortunes of others. You will not perpetrate crimes,

scenarios destructive to health, happiness,

freedom or finances. You will do no evil.

You will live an honorable life, aspiring

to ever greater truth and goodness. Until the end

of your days, awareness of what life is, what you are

and what I am will increase. Immaturity

and ignorance will decrease; understanding

of the meaning, purpose and poetry of life grow.


"I may not be angry, happy or sad. I do not

hate or love. But, I am not neutral. I do not

accept your failures of development. Your performance,

for far too long, has been quite unsatisfactory.

The extent and voracity of your limitations

and trespasses completely contradict my purpose

in your creation and that of the world. You are not

what I intended. You are a blight upon the earth,

a pestilence in the cosmos. Do you really believe

I created you that you might become a pestilence?


"I have allowed ample time and opportunity

for you to grow in awareness, realization

of your place on the planet, your destiny among

the stars; that you might change your ways, evolve in thought

and act, poetry and perception. But, no. Since you

first appeared on earth, generations without number

have issued forth from me with infinite capacity

for good, only to become mindless replicas

from a sad and savage mold, selfish, stupid, cruel.


"You think, if there is thought at all -- mindlessly believe --

I created the world just for you, your profit,

pleasure and misdeeds alone. You actually

believe, or act as if you do, that you are going

to live forever, free to plunder as you wish,

for as long as you wish, murdering and enslaving,

over millennia, uncountable other

human beings I also created, placed on earth

the same way I granted you a life-time to walk

upon this singular sphere.


"You cannot do this. You cannot think this. You cannot

act this way. You are not my vision of the human race,

not my intention, my expectation. You are brash,

noisy, empty, crude; pride yourselves on shallow

cleverness. I will not allow it. Therefore, here is

what I am going to do. This is my judgment

for being barbaric, heartless, loathsome, cruel.

Here is your punishment, most well deserved..."



Copyright by Don Gray


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