Blackness of Night, That So Possessed the World

...A Poem



Blackness of night, that so possessed the world, in time

retreats, reveals the edge of day, is pushed away

by new-born, golden light. The stars that overflowed

the darkened sky, myriad silver brilliances,

are beaten back, recede, fallen in their billions,

buried in the sinking sea, drowned in lightless deep.


Each night and day are won, are lost, are lived; both die,

to rise in their appointed time. All are joined, we,

in sacred covenant, man and light, man and night,

day and dark, from dark to day, from night to light,

amid the moon and stars, become the sun, the heat,

the warmth of day, the cool of night, the land, the sky.


Cloud crags catch the light, accent the day, transpose

the night, bald space into a molded place of dreams,

an artist's place, steepled space, plane of nebula,

aurora, cathedral; tendriled, draping color;

soaring heights, so high, they topple, crash the towers,

beyond the reach of cycled powers to sustain.


Copyright by Don Gray


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