Early Morning Venus...A Poem



When dawn new pales

with horizon gold

scarved in dappled grey,

and calmly brilliant Venus

timeless holds on high

in stillness everlasting,

I feel a faint quickening,

as of lost youth revived

and beauty-inspired joy

unscarred by weariness,

the losing battle with life.


Larger than the brightest star,

distant, shining, icy,

yet warming to my eye's embrace;

intensely white, resplendent,

solitary, dominant,

the brightening morning

is your domain.

You reign supreme.

There is none other like you

'til the great golden god

mounts his eastern throne

and you are vanquished,

from our sight overthrown,

by one far greater than you.


Still, you remain

my silent, silver queen

of early morn.


Copyright by Don Gray


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