Gnats...A Poem



"Yuh see them liddle gnats

a-flyin' over thar?

That cloud a liddle gnats

a-jumpin n' a-friskin'

n' a-fornicatin';

a-crawlin' all over each other,

a-flappin' thar wangs,

a-lappin' up lahf

in the sunshine,

mebbe fer a day er two?


"They's jest lack us.

That's us over thar

a-friskin' n' a-fartin',

a-hootin' n' a-hollerin'

fer a bit,

a-warmin' in th' sun.

Then it's all over n' done.

That's th' end of it.

N' more gnats lack us

a-come along

n' do the same thang,

n' they thank

they's a-goin' t' live ferever, too,

jest the way we did.

Haw. Haw. Haw."


Copyright by Don Gray


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