I Traveled, Joyful, to the Moon...A Poem



I traveled, joyful, to the moon

before the rockets ever flew.

I soared. I soared among the stars,

alert to beauty, space, the light;

the glow, the gleam, the glimmering

in layered blackness of the stars,

of worlds by God, by burning gases made.


I felt the light, the heat, the cold;

saw depthless darkness vastly laid

before me, all about; marveled

at endlessness, immensities;

passed through coronas, gaseous

rings, near the centers of the stars.


I saw the people there, in space,

on the stars and moon. They'd gathered

to say hello and wish me well,

Godspeed. Friendly, gracious, loyal.

I trusted them implicitly.

I greeted them, and then farewell,

I leaped to luminosity.


Copyright by Don Gray


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