I Want An Imaginary Friend...A Poem



I want an imaginary friend.

I don't care, a ghost will do,

griffin, vision of some sort,

fairy, nymph, sly Pan, winged sprite,

god-mother, creature high or low

that with their friendship, sage advice

may guide my step, swift aid my thought,

set me right with world and god,

with all that life is, can, should be,

will be, now, in time to come.


I want a spirit like toad or frog

that turns to handsome prince or princess,

some old hag that knows life's secrets,

wise old man to conference with

along the path by babbling stream

that leads through forest dark and fearful,

road that all must travel, more or less.

The helpful rabbit, bird that bounces,

speaks from tree limb, joyful flying,

gives the clue that sets our footsteps right.


Then down the hole, or in the cave,

Through the twisting tunnel dark and deep,

Find the treasure great and glowing,

Guarded by twelve bat-winged fiends

That must be fiercely fought, cajoled,

To gain the glory, gleaming gold,

War and victory all must wage.

Down there find my savior, wraith,

Mate that rises high with me to earth,

Helps me hold the riches more than rubies

When yet we strike again the burning day.


Copyright by Don Gray


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