Kill Mozart ... A Poem



Great individuals embarrass,

reveal man's jealous emptiness

of spirit, mediocrity.

The sad, cruel world, long destitute,

greedy for treasure, salvation

from death and fear of death, cannot bear

to behold its own shallowness,

by truth of genius, obvious.


Salieri ever hates Mozart,

and through the master's genius...God.

Kindergarten bullies, unloved,

transfer their own futility,

must strike at all the golden ones,

instinctively feared for goodness.

Our psyches sense brilliance, difference

to despise; inner hackles rise.


Christ must ever die, be crucified,

to rise, to die again, and yet

again, that empty man may kill,

and by his foul and many murders,

pretend to ritual cleanse himself,

find spurious immortality.

Hideous minds twist facts of life,

man's savage, ghastly acts excised.


How could man kill his living God?

And, how could God make Mozart die,

young greatness not unfurled in full?

What is this bossing cosmic bully that

so deadly casts its feckless seed; harvests

random good and evil, genius, moral

idiocy with such grand orgasmic sweep;

makes man and angel, all creation, weep?


Kill Mozart.


Copyright by Don Gray



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