Little Amber Blue-Eyes...A Poem



Dear Daphne, in a lifetime of arrogantly

loving manipulation, cooed, cuddled and controlled

Little Amber Blue-Eyes one too many times.

Little Amber Blue-Eyes finally had her fill,

would have no more of it; no longer the sweetly

enduring, docile, canine creature of God's kingdom.

Her subsequent actions revealed how intensity

of focus can redefine volume.  She became

a tiny, intensely energized, killing machine.  

Little Amber Blue-Eyes turned on Daphne and bit her

smartly on the hand.  Daphne shrieked, startled and surprised

more than frightened or deeply hurt.  Before her cry

could fully clear her vocal cords, Little Amber Blue-Eyes

leaped at Daphne's throat, fixing small but sharpest teeth

firmly in her larynx, chewing, sawing her way

through it, hanging to Daphne's neck like an over-sized,

fluffy, white tick.  Daphne struggled, dancing a swaying

two-step, side to side, batted with both fluttering,

ineffectual hands at her one-time faithful pet,

but to no avail.  In time, she began to totter,

then toppled to the floor, there to gurgle good red blood

on the cool blue kitchen tile...where loveable

Little Amber Blue-Eyes gradually detached herself

from her mistress and stood smiling expectantly,

her little pink tongue panting delicately,

tinting her muzzle's richly-crimson décor.

Then she pattered mincingly past Daphne's prostrate form

to her food bowl near the refrigerator door.


Copyright by Don Gray


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