On Viewing My Head-High Roses...A Poem



On viewing my head-high roses,

with several blossoms facing me,

I notice one that's faced away,

cut off from their society;

unseen by those that might pass by,

commend its grace and gaiety.

This rose is fair as all the rest

that flaunt their charms with modesty.

Is it choice or chance -- does god ordain –

that one red rose will turn away?


The moral to this tale, we're told,

in life's despairing travesty,

is do our best, be good, be true,

no matter what our destiny.

If our reward is not to be,

continue on in decency

as if good will is owed to god

no matter his inconstancy.

While one clear reason for the rose

is to have its life admired, seen,

is beauty not still evident

when no one's there to see?


Life is not fair in earthly joys.

The lives of man and rose are brief.

They are best lived in honesty,

intrinsic worth and dignity.


Copyright by Don Gray


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