Plant a Flower, Plant a Vine. Plant a Tree?

...A Poem



If I plant a flower, chances are

I live to see it bloom...and die.

A flower's time is short. It's born

in Spring, and by the Fall is dead.


If I plant a vine, I may,

may not, see it slowly climb

and thrive, branch its barky way,

graced by burr and gentle green.


But, should I plant a tree

whose end I'll never see?

Never see it grow so tall,

barely see it grow at all?


Should I plant a tree,

when I will cease to be,

never watch the leaves unfold,

never its full growth behold?


If I do not plant the tree,

someone else who loves the tree

as much as I, come after me,

will not have the chance to see.


Yes, I should plant a tree,

both for myself and thee.

God and nature, life agree;

I plant for all, for me, for thee.


Copyright by Don Gray


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