Someone Will Kill The Bird...A Poem



Someone will kill the bird engrossed in song

that sings of soul and nature's meshing aim;

hawk golden-eyed highest in shining light;

owl that slides, hoots horrific in dark night;

earth-brown woodchuck in transit from its hole,

hands to chest, testing dandelion air.


Someone will kill the artist, vision-rich

in decay-defiant ability,

easel-engrossed in simple, mighty song;

the poet deep in sensibility,

sublime in choice, eternal, hallowed voice,

all-conscious of impending, wolfish death.


Despite all foes, bird and man continue

in their high-cost quest, gladly, sadly so;

must always move in creativity,

their lives alive with bright proximity

to beauty's truth, time's trackless truth of beauty,

matching deep within a sight, a sound, a song.


Copyright by Don Gray


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