The Monk and the Manuscript



I am in love with Jesus Christ, the Son of God,

paint elaborate alphabets, richly patinaed;

images of divinity, angels, prophets, man;

my adoration, my eternal faithfulness.


Year upon year I labor at my table,

for as long as life and hope may live, drawing

in vivid gold and primary colors

the radiant realm of ideas and the spirit.


The richness of heaven and earth, and my love, lives

in these precious, magnificent documents,

within the cool, bare stones of a simple cell

under churlish, grey, medieval skies.


The golden parchment glows beneath

my hand with the fervency of belief,

majesty of red, yellow, blue;

orange, purple, green; the transcendent,

entwined destinies of man and the divine.



Copyright by Don Gray


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