Will the Winter Come Too Soon? ...A Poem



Will the winter come too soon?

Will spring and summer quickly fade?

Will life such swift farewell endure?


Will the winter come too soon?

Will layered snow in cold encase

Our lives and hopes like golden stalks


That may not grow again? There may never

Be another spring, another summer full to live.

What nature does in the life we know


May not be what happens to our soul.

We make allusion to natural things

And think our symbols tell of time to come


When winter death does freeze our form

Like tangled grass beneath the snow

Where burrowed mice make their abode,


Holding out in brown and white

Until the green and golden spring;

Rejoice in harshly pale, hard crust


That magnifies the frozen light,

But blinds the gliding owl at dusk

On silent, waving wings of night.


But unlike broken stalk and grass,

It may not ever come to pass

That we grow lithe and tall again.

There may not be another spring.


Why does the winter come too soon?


Copyright by Don Gray


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